How-To Guide:
Replace the Arizer Solo Battery

A photo-packed step-by-step guide to replacing your Solo’s dead battery.

Tools & Parts List

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After hundreds of reliable vape sessions, my beloved Arizer Solo battery has died. It served us well, reliably recharging each time I asked. My well-regarded Solo review says why we needed to bring it back to life again, and in proper reduce, recycle, reuse fashion I mustered some do-it-yourself spirit and replaced the battery in about a half hour, with a new battery I bought on Amazon for $15, snapping photos along the way. Follow along as we replace the Arizer Solo battery with ease.

Why Fix It? Just Buy a New One. To repair is to recycle. Help keep toxic electronics out of landfills by giving them some love, sweat and hands-on attention.

Want to skip the soldering? Get this double-capacity battery for $48 and skip steps 7-12.

Photo Install Guide

  1. Remove the old battery

    Remove the old battery. Remove all four screws from the bottom base plate.

  2. Unscrew the top

    Unscrew the top cap by twisting carefully, the threads are small.

  3. Skip these screws, you don't need to remove them.

  4. Slide outer case sleeve up and off to reveal the battery.

  5. Unsnap the battery cover in two places on the side.

  6. Pop the battery out — I'm free!

  7. Cut the plug from the dead battery

  8. Strip the plug wires and prepare for soldering by twisting them together.

  9. Prep your soldering station

  10. Apply solder to each wire

  11. Wrap each soldering point with electrical tape so you don't cause a short.

  12. New battery plug is wired and ready to install. If you bought a pre-wired battery that's ready to go you can skip all these soldering steps!

  13. Connect the new battery

  14. Pushing the battery into place may require some finessing of wires.

  15. Celebrate! Load the grinder and ready your Arizer Solo stem. Enjoy your new battery and this excellent do-it-yourself win.

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