3 Tips to Clean Your Pax Vaporizer

Keeping your Pax in tip-top shape is your best long-term remedy for most common Pax problems. After hundreds of uses over about two years now, we’ve found a good cleaning should be performed every 6-12 bowls, or on a once-a-week schedule, depending on how sticky your medical marijuana and how often you medicate. Sticky cannabis has more resin content and should be cleaned more frequently than dry herb.

Using a pipe cleaner and alcohol wipe to clean the inside of the Pax mouth piece from cannabis resin and build-up.

  1. Use isopropyl alcohol around the spring and the exterior of the vapor path to help dissolve trapped residue. When this gunk accumulates, it blocks the mouthpiece detection sensor and prevents Pax from warming up. This is a very annoying feature and sometimes you need to clean extra thoroughly to get Pax to warm up. A dirty mouth piece also causes slower on/off movement and sometimes the mouth piece gets stuck.
  2. Purge your Pax of all resin, be diligent and thorough. It should look like Dexter helped you clean up the scene of a crime, no spots! Using a pipe cleaner, small nylon brush (like a dental brush) or a DIY tool to help pull hard to reach gunk out during the process. Things like q-tips might be bad because they can leave felt bits behind.
  3. Scrubbing the interior of the mouthpiece stem should be part of your cleaning routine. Isopropyl is a good electrical conductor, and although using it may help increase connectivity in the immediate short term, the ultimate goal is to keep the area as clean as possible.
  4. Bonus: Avoid getting alcohol on or near the inside temperature switch—it will act as a glue and get stuck in one temperature forever. Good luck, my friends.

Have a question or a tip about cleaning your beloved Pax? Post a comment below. If you’re having other Pax-related issues check this blog post about common Pax problems and solutions.

Happy cleaning :-)

Now, Here’s your Shopping List:

  • 99% Isopropyl Alcohol: $7
  • Soft Pipe Cleaner Wires: $4
  • Hard Bristle Pipe Cleaner Wires: $4
  • Small Brush: $3
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