5 Tips for Loading Vaporizers

Following these tips can help you get the most out of your vaporizer, portable or plug-in. No matter the brand, these are general guidelines that regular vapesters follow to get more vapor out of their herb.

  1. Clean the screen — most vaporizers have a fine screen between the herb and a mouth piece to suck air through. Be sure that screen is clean, not clogged or dirty, so it’s efficient and you get the most vapor from your herb.
  2. Grind the herb finely — the more ground your herb the more surfaces air can come in contact with and extract the THC with finely-tuned heat. Grind your herb like you chew your food, a little more is better; take the time to do it and you’ll enjoy the experiences much more by extracting more out of them.
  3. Use the right temperature — like baking and some types of cooking, you need to start with the right temperature, so wait until your vaporizer reaches the desired temperature and is hot and ready before taking a draw. If your herb is too green after 2 hits turn the heat up; too brown and tasting bad then turn it down.
  4. Make it a pleasant ritual — make the experience of preparing and enjoying your marijuana as positive and pleasant as you can. Find a quiet spot and take time to settle down and enjoy the motions of cleaning and preparing the herb, heating your vaporizer and then finally sharing with friends. Clean the screen before you put away your piece, it will prolong the screen life by preventing excessive gunk and build-up.
  5. Enter with a positive mindset — marijuana can amplify your current state of mind, so try to find a balanced mental state of calm and positive thinking and feeling before you start. Set yourself up for success and good times with a minute or two of slow, steady breathing to ease into the vapors.
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