9 Tips for Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizing Perfection

The Magic Flight Launch Box (MFLB) takes a little practice to get perfect. After years of use and research we’ve developed nine simple tips for getting the most efficient use of your herb as well as the strongest hits from your launch box.

  1. Don’t overload it. Fill the trench a little over half way full for efficient use of your herb.
  2. Shake every two or three hits to allow the herbs to stir; this uses the herb in an efficient and even way.
  3. Use the battery cap on the other end to soften the pressure on your palm and hand.
  4. Grind fine, the finer the more efficient hits.
  5. Keep two batteries on hand, you never know.
  6. Inhale very slowly, letting the vapors fill your mouth as your gently draw air into your lungs.
  7. Don’t inhale too fast or hard, give it time and take it slow so the heat takes its time to work and release THC from your freshly ground herb.
  8. Start with a freshly charged battery for the strongest hits; after about 6 hits a fresh battery is noticeably less hot, but still hot enough to work, it just takes longer.
  9. Loosen your grip on the battery, rest between pulls to let the box cool down for a few seconds to prevent combusting your herb accidentally (this can happen under the right conditions if you leave the heat on for too long.)


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