Reader Question: Should I get a Pax or Magic Flight Launch Box?

Vape Curious writes:

Hi, I’m new to the vapor world and I’ve been researching portable vaporizers for some time now. I think this is the most informative site that I have come across yet. I have narrowed it down to 2, the Pax and the Magic-Flight Launch Box. I’m leaning more towards the MFLB because of its great reviews, the price, and also because you don’t have to put much in it, I really don’t smoke much so I don’t need a vaporizer with a large chamber like the Pax, (not to mention the cost) although I do find the design of the Pax is a lot better.
Hi Vape Curious, thanks for a great question. Both Pax and Magic Flight Launch Box have their own strengths and drawbacks, here’s a quick highlight of the differences: If you like big hits then Pax is a better choice due to the large chamber and how the oven heating element works, the herb is heated on 5 sides so it uses more herb, and faster, but the hits are bigger. If you want to save herb Magic Flight is the way to go but it requires a little practice with your inhale technique. However, once you figure out how to take hits very slowly and with a tiny amount of suction, you’ll get great pulls and hits that make you cough and blow white smoke. It’s not like a bong rip, but it’s very strong. If you decide on the MFLB route, I highly recommend two extras:
  1. get the extra finishing grinder and you’ll save even more herb, it grinds to almost a powder and the hits are a lot stronger that way
  2. get the new 2.0 batteries, they’re amazingly hot and they make my two year old box feel like an upgraded vaporizer, the difference with these two add-ons is really noticeable
I hope this helps. If you’re looking to compare the two vapes head to head, read their full reviews Pax and Magic Flight Launch Box.
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