My Best Pax Vaporizer Review — Packed with Photos

My detailed review has just been posted for the Pax Vaporizer and I gave it a 93% rating. Quite a high rating by my standards.

I find Pax to be the most powerful portable vape based on the large size of the herb chamber (called the oven) and the ability to delivery very strong and thick hits of vapor. This power, combined with a large battery life over other portables like the MFLB make Pax an awesome option for those seeking portable power.

It’s a snap to recharge, takes about an hour and a half, and a charge lasts about an hour’s time worth of vaping. Pretty great considering the alternatives.

The best review?

Well, I spend a lot of time writing each review. First there’s research. Reddit, forums, blogs, any other reviews, the manufacturers website, the instruction manual, blog comments, various shop web sites, Facebook comments, tweets on Twitter. I spend at least 30 hours reading and researching a single vaporizer before I do my review.

Then I test. I try it and live with it for a week at least, sometimes a few months if I get busy with life and work. I vaporize medical marijuana — thanks San Francisco! So I use the real stuff and try the vaporizer out for a while. Live with it, see what it’s really like to use on a daily basis. Regular use reveals a lot of subtle details you don’t get based on first impressions.

Then I photograph a few sessions. I take out my nice camera gear, setup some lights, and go to town for a few hours. Shooting and vaping is a good combo. I try to take a range of shots, details, close-ups, showing scale and other objects for size, using actual marijuana so you see the process from start to finish.

Then I wrote. Edit. Write a lot more. Play around with design in the browser and with CSS. Mess with a ton of HTML. And probably rewrite some other parts. Measure my rating 1-100. Then hit publish!

So yeah, it’s a process.

Check out my full Pax Vaporizer review here.

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