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Clean Your Mighty Vape

A photo-packed step-by-step guide to cleaning the most powerful portable vape by Storz & Bickel.

Here’s What You Will Need:

Get Organized:

My Mighty has needed a cleaning for a few weeks, but I was putting it off because I'm lazy about cleaning vaporizers. Turns out, it's not that hard, and spending 30 minutes soaking the mouthpiece parts makes clean-up much easier.

Yes, I'm lazy about cleaning vapes, which is why most of my reviews tend to favor easy to maintain vapes. Bongs are high maintenance and require a messy and involved clean-up, sometimes even boiling all the glass parts, which stinks up the whole house like resin. It's not fun. Well no vaporizer is that difficult to maintain, but some require more maintenance than others. Mighty is somewhere in between. It's not as picky as Pax, which is good news because that's the biggest downside about Pax. I finally decided today was the day and I busted out the camera to take a few pictures along the way. Follow along as we clean the Mighty cooling mouthpiece and related parts.

How Often Do You Need to Clean Mighty?

Probably once every 4-6 weeks or else Mighty starts to get a lot of thick gunky THC resin build-up that's like cleaning hardened maple syrup off plastic. Soak your stuff first as you'll see.

Photo Cleaning Guide

  1. Remove the old battery
  2. Remove the old battery

    Remove the large chunks and bits with the provided orange scraper tool. Have some paper towels below as stuff tends to fly out and fall.

  3. Unscrew the top

    Soak parts in ISO Alcohol for 30-45 minutes. Do NOT soak for longer than this as you'll start to break down the plastics and shorten the life of the mouthpiece parts.

  4. Pipe cleaners in the mouthpiece makes for easy work.

  5. A tiny folded paper towel and screw driver were the key! Using this home-made tool I was able to get a much stronger stick than a q-tip without all the messy cotton pieces getting stuck to all the THC resin. Just wet the towel with alcohol first and use a twisting motion, this makes it easy in the corners and wells of the mouthpiece innards.

  6. The aftermath, not too bad when you compare it to cleaning some bongs or pipes, this was pretty easy. I found the soaking to be very important to loosen the hard crusty bits.

  7. Ready to put back together and totally worth the effort...

Did Cleaning Help the Mighty Perform Better?

I procrastinated in doing this because I wasn't sure what to expect. 1) How long would the cleaning process take? Less than an hour including soaking time and taking pictures along the way. 2) Would the Mighty have a funny after taste? Nope. 3) Could I take the mouthpiece completely apart easily? Yup, no tools required, but I did get some sticky fingers.

After cleaning my Mighty tastes much better, and the airflow is much improved. I forgot how easy the draw/inhale is when it’s all clean inside. I also find the effects of my cannabis to be stronger and more pronounced, instead of the vapor being trapped among the other resin build-up, vapor has a cleaner path to my mouth and lungs. More flavor and potency, totally worth it. Now go clean your stuff.

Here’s What You Will Need:

Not sure what you need? Drooling over a Mighty? Thinking about the Crafty or a Pax?
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