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150 Medical-Marijuana Advocates Lobby on Capitol Hill

Alex Rogers writes for Over 150 people came to Washington to lobby our 300 members of congress to listen to the medical community and evidence, it’s not just a bunch of potheads asking to legalize medical cannabis.
The House bill would offer legal clarity to the growing number of states that are legalizing medical marijuana even as it remains illegal under federal law. New York might become the 21st state to legalize medicinal marijuana this year, but the Drug Enforcement Agency considers marijuana a drug on the same level as heroin, and the Justice Department under the Obama Administration hasn’t always been consistent in its level of prosecutorial restraint and its willingness to defer to state laws.
But the bill is a long shot as the Republican-controlled House is very opposed to legalization, despite a recent WSJ/NBC poll showing 55% of American adults think marijuana should be fully legalized (not just medically) and sold by regulated businesses like alcohol, tobacco and firearms.
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