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3-Year-Old Gets Medical Marijuana and Cures His Cancer

Landon Riddle is 3 years old, his mother says his cancer has improved so much with medical marijuana that chemotherapy isn’t needed. After the first few months of chemo Landon got very sick.
“Most days he couldn’t get off the couch. He would just lay there and throw up and throw up. But once I took the chemo out, I see these amazing results. And no more need for blood transfusion and platelet transfusions, I think that the chemo in combination with the cannabis did put him into remission and now the cannabis will keep him there.”
His doctors seemed very happy with the results so far too:
“I’m very hopeful and very encouraged that the CBD is probably having a beneficial effect for him…”
Glad to see this little boy got some help he needed from a wonderful plant.
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