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New York — Time For Medical Marijuana

New York will likely become the latest state to open the door for medical marijuana, with Gov. Andrew Cuomo to take executive action to let select hospitals dispense it to select patients.

Under Cuomo’s directive, the state health department would take charge by setting up the guidelines and picking hospitals that would take part. These hospitals would then have panels of people who decide, on a person-by-person basis, which patients qualify for medical marijuana.

It has yet to be determined where the medical marijuana — or the elements of it that might be dispensed — will come from, including who might produce it.

Gottfried estimated that tens of thousands of people could get medical marijuana by virtue of this policy change, though he insisted it is no substitute for a more complete, far-reaching program.

Not sure why Cuomo decided to use hospitals in the mix, that seems complicated compared to other state programs with dedicated dispensaries. I like the idea of going to a more laid back place that isn’t full of sick people to get my medicine. Most people I know avoid hospitals and try to spend as little time there as possible. Bad move, but I appreciate the effort. Go NY!

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