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Is Oregon going backwards with new dispensary rules for medical marijuana?

Chad Garland writes for the Associated Press: Walk into any dispensary in Oregon right now and you can buy medicines priced at $140 to $290 an ounce, depending on the strain. Until now, medical pot shops have operated in a legal gray area throughout the state. Dispensaries couldn’t charge money for cannabis, and growers could be reimbursed only for the costs of supplies and utilities, not labor or other expenses when they might really need that extra money.
Customers can’t simply show a medical marijuana card to get in anymore. Now they also have to provide a photo ID before being buzzed through a locked door to an inner sanctum where the marijuana is kept. Security cameras record each transaction. Customer purchases are entered into store computers, accounting for every gram entering and leaving the facility. One reason for all this is to keep Oregon medical pot from being sold on the black market.
There seems to be some debate if these new changes are saying that dispensaries are basically for-profit now, but we’ll have to wait and see how it all turns out in the coming months to make that call.
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