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Maine’s Medical Marijuana Program is Having a Few Issues

Medical marijuana dispensaries were legalized here four years ago, but officials with Maine’s largest distributor say even as the drug becomes one of the state’s largest cash crops, the growth of the industry is hampered by the federal prohibition of pot.
So what’s the core problem?

Blame the Feds

Most insurance won’t cover medical marijuana use due to federal guidelines. Distributors can’t run as non-profits! Science researchers are afraid to invest in a drug that can’t get federal grant funds. Patients can be legally denied jobs. There are a few problems I guess you could say.

Still Socially Weird

Other patients report problems being a user of medical marijuana — some people don’t understand the good and think it’s all harm:
“It isn’t easy to be a medical marijuana patient,” said Jones-Turner, who was diagnosed with epilepsy as a child. “For years, I had doctors who would say, ‘We want you on medical marijuana,’ but none of them would prescribe it because they were scared of getting a reputation.”
The ball is rolling but this journey is long.
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