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Marijuana and Yoga — A Mind/Body Pairing

Want to join a yoga class called 420 Remedy Yoga? Me too! This Glendale, California (of course, California) yoga class seems right up my alley with a relaxing, meditating yoga session.

On a recent Saturday, Ms. McDonald started her class slowly; students stretched on the floor to the sound of relaxing Indian-infused jazz, as she encouraged them to think of their yoga mats as private magic carpets. For a while they stretched lazily, some of them gazing up at the white lanterns hanging from the rafters, as if appreciating for the first time the ethereal qualities of rice paper.

Ms. McDonald walked the floor, adjusting her students’ poses with a gentle prod. By her side was her small dog, Prince, who every now and then imitated his mistress and touched students with his nose. An hour and a half later, the class ended with the traditional “corpse pose,” where students lie prone, palms up, and seem to be one with the ground beneath them.

I really like the sound of the chill pace of this class. Liz Seems like she runs a nice relaxing session that’s still challenging for both mind and body. The perfect pairing.

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