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Did Marijuana Cure Crohn’s in this Study? 5 People Say Yes

New research points to Cannabis as cause for full remission of Crohn’s disease in 45% of this small study group. Marijuana produces beneficial effects for patients with inflammatory bowel diseases like Colitis and Crohn’s.

21 men and women of varying ages were studied and selected because they did not respond to therapy with steroids, immunomodulators, or anti-tumor necrosis factor-α agents.

For 2 months they smoked 2 joints a day 11.5 mg of THC and the results are revealing and overwhelmingly positive in support for Cannabis as a treatment for Crohn’s disease:

  • Complete remission for 5/11 (45%)
  • Clinical response in 10/11 (90%)
  • Three patients in the cannabis group were weaned from steroid dependency
  • People receiving cannabis reported improved appetite and sleep, with no significant side effects.

Two Joints a Day

Pretty amazing research. However the thought of smoking 2 joints a day gives me a sore throat. Vaporizing cannabis is the best way to get the same medical effects without the 100+ harsh toxins found in smoke. If you are consuming that much medical marijuana a Volcano would really help. It eliminates sore throats caused by inhaling hot air, most vapes can burn your throat if you’re not careful, or inhale hard and often. But Volcano bags allow time for the air to cool so by the time you inhale it the air is room temperature and easy on your throat and lungs.

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