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Regulations for Medical Marijuana in Canada are Steep

Written by Mark Gollom for CBC News:
Commercializing that has been the hurdle,” says Mark Gobuty, CEO of The Peace Naturals Project, one of the dozen producers licensed to sell medical marijuana in Canada. “Having an industry that wasn’t regulated, where you didn’t have the 8-5 shift and seven days a week operation, absolute reporting, cameras everywhere — it’s counterculture to cannabis.” “Like anything else there’s an evolution because you’re working with a regulator who truly isn’t intimate with cannabis and they’ve been ordered to provide safe access.”
Under the “Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations”, producers must comply with new rules and enforcements similar to other controlled substances. Licensed marijuana growers must meet strict security, control and reporting requirements. And inspections are regular occurrences. In America, we have the Cannabis Cup, and if you are a special grower, this is where you want to get noticed!

How do you determine quality? Purity, safety and efficacy.

If the cannabis falls short, producers have various techniques to bring the plants back to a healthy state. Like gamma radiation, for example, which can get rid of fungus or bacteria. But then plants have to be re-submitted for approval, a somewhat tedious process.
“You have to safely produce cannabis within a safe working environment within a repeatable procedure and be able to have the wherewithal and credentials and polices and protocols to have everything tested validated and safe,” Gobuty said. “The guidelines say you can have zero detection of mould, bacteria or fungus,” Gobuty said. But the process is a continual learning curve. When Gobuty first began, it took them four days just to fill out all the reports required, he said.
In the US, we have places like Oaksterdam University to help steer education and growing so everyone is using similar techniques and growing quality cannabis.
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