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These Neurologists Report Medical Marijuana Eases Some MS Symptoms

Monte Morin for writes:
There is strong evidence that medical marijuana pills may reduce symptoms of spasticity and pain reported by multiple sclerosis patients, but little proof that smoking pot offers the same benefit, according to new alternative treatment guidelines released by the American Academy of Neurology. The research study was published Monday in the journal and are among the first from a national medical organization to suggest that doctors might offer cannabis treatment to patients.
Patient surveys suggest that up to 80% of MS patients employ some form of alternative treatment, including the smoking marijuana. Yadav said that very few high-quality studies have examined the effectiveness of these treatments, and there was simply too little evidence to support or refute their effectiveness.
Clinicians might offer oral cannabis extract for spasticity symptoms and pain, spasticity symptoms and pain (like central neuropathic pain) and even long-term pain and spasms.
I was surprised to learn they advise magnetic therapy is effective for fatigue and but ineffective for depression. Also fish oil is probably ineffective for relapses, disability, fatigue, MRI lesions, and quality of life ; ginkgo biloba is ineffective for cognition but and possibly effective for fatigue! Interesting and unexpected results for me.
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