Types of Vaporizers

Compare the different types of weed vaporizers and read in-depth reviews of the best & worst.

Got Vapes? The different shapes of vaporizers.

Electric/Plug-in Vaporizers

These vapes are desktop units, something that sits at home and delivers steady but excellent quality hits because the heat source is so powerful. Plug these in the wall like a toaster and turn it on when you need it and ready to use in a few minutes. Some work by inhaling through a tube. Others use a fan to inflate a bag with vapor which is more soothing for sensitive throats and lungs. Our favorite plug-ins are the Volcano and Da Buddha.

Portable Vaporizers

Carry these in your pocket for discreet, any-time medication. Most portables can store marijuana in the compartment when the vape is off, so you can turn it on and enjoy medicine without messing around trying to pour herb into a tiny hole in public. Our favorite portables are the Pax, Magic Flight Launch Box and the Arizer Solo.




Herbalizer ✗ No Longer Recommended Fastest & most-accurate temps; use bag or whip; but… serious reliability issues; requires frequent cleaning and expensive bag/whip replacement; needs improvements


Da Buddha

Da Buddha ✓ Highly Recommended Durable and reliable; for regular use; stays cool; nice temperature knob and range; affordable


Hot Box

Hot Box Decent starter vape; reliable, but we’d recommend Da Buddha for adjustable temps and a better case


Arizer Extreme

Arizer Extreme Versatile with bag or whip; strong vapor hits; remote control; not great build quality


Vapor King

Vapor King ✗ Not Recommended Cheap; breaks after 6 months of use; save your money


Volcano Digit

Volcano Digit We favor the Volcano Classic over the Digit as there are fewer things that can go wrong with a simple knob, plus it saves a few bucks


Volcano Classic

Volcano Classic ✓ Highly Recommended Most reliable of the high-end vaporizers; consistent temps; very easy to use; large bags allows vapor to cool and last for months; great for groups; very good long-term investment and value



G Pro

G Pro ✗ Not Recommended Cheap plastic feel right out of the box, difficulty opening the lid, bad feel for the mouthpiece.


Firefly 2

Firefly 2 ✓ Somewhat Recommended Much smaller and lighter than the original, quick to warm-up, comes with extra rechargeable battery (a very nice feature), iOS/Android app, much easier to clean than other portables; continues to suffer from finicky airflow, requires developing an inhale technique for best results; pickup the more powerful Crafty for the same price



Summit+ ✓ Recommended Very durable design, nice magnetic closing oven lid, fairly good airflow, efficient battery; LED light interface is confusing, good overall but not super powerful


Quickdraw 500 DLX

Quickdraw 500 DLX ✗ Not Recommended too complicated of a design, bad user interface for turning on/off, too many delicate parts. Mouthpiece has decent airflow, but is easy to inhale herb particles.


Haze 3

Haze 3 ✗ Not Recommended clunky box that’s not as sleek or well-designed as similarly priced vapes, too complicated for its own good, parts easy to lose.


G-Pen Elite

G-Pen Elite ✓ Recommended Large oven, quick-heating and stealthy in a small package, best value under $200 (as of October 2016); relatively hot vapor, also annoying on/off button pressing sequence


Arizer Air

Arizer Air ✓ Somewhat Recommended Small, delivers steady clouds; good temperatures; weak battery


Pax 2

Pax 2 ✓ Highly Recommended Slow sips deliver medium-sized hits; great battery life; new mouthpiece is far easier to clean than Pax 1; a nice upgrade that’s reliable and stealthy


Muad-Dib Concentrate Box

Muad-Dib Concentrate Box Recommended, but for cannabis concentrates like oils and waxes only.



Crafty ✓ Highly Recommended Power meets portability; a stealthy desktop replacement with a short battery life



Mighty ✓ Highly Recommended Hits harder than any portable around; impressive 90 minute battery; the ultimate portable at a price



Firefly Sleek but hefty and not stealthy; nice vapor flavor; easy to clean; weak battery; requires practice


Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo ✓ Highly Recommended Medium-sized, delivers steady thick clouds; 7 temperatures offer nice range; not super stealthy



Pax Decent hits but the mouthpiece is a major design flaw; weak battery; large herb capacity; requires cleaning often; Pax 2 is worthy upgrade



PUFFiT ✗ Not Recommended Looks like asthma inhaler; recharge via USB; 8 temperature settings; weak vapor production; slow to warm up



Thermovape ✗ Not Recommended Durable; can boil to clean resin; for oils and concentrates, not recommended for herbs


Magic-Flight Launch Box

Magic-Flight Launch Box ✓ Highly Recommended Beautifully simple wooden box; instant warm-up; super efficient and discreet portable; requires practice



VaporGenie ✗ Not Recommended Hard to use and requires wasteful lighters; buy a quality rechargeable instead


Vapir no2

Vapir no2 Nice digital temperature display and easy-to-use buttons; fast warm-up; full charged in 2-3 hours, lasts 2 hours of use



iolite Slim and easy-to-use; good air flow; sturdy; only 1 temp setting; requires gas instead of batteries



Wispr Looks like a toy radio; fast warm-up time; lightweight; silent operation; interesting design

Quick Recommendations

Volcano vaporizer review: 94% The best? Volcano bags are cool on your throat and perfect for sharing.
Magic flight launch box review: 98% Smallest? Magic Flight Launch Box — is ready super fast but takes practice.
Pax vaporizer review: 91% Powerful portable? Pax has a large herb oven, temp controls and a decent battery.
Da Buddha vaporizer review Affordable? Da Buddha is a great starter vape, easy to use and durable.
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