Arizer Extreme Q4 Vaporizer Review

— A Volcano-quality vaporizer, with a remote, for less than half the price.

Designed to get hot fast, but stay cool forever. This vaporizer makes us feel all zen and happy, we love Da Buddha.

This vaporizer is a little different, it’s versatile like a Swiss army knife. The Arizer Extreme Q4 Vaporizer can be used with either a tube whip to directly inhale vapors, or can be used with balloon bags which fill with marijuana vapor like the famous Volcano vaporizer.

The digital LCD is bright and displays the set vs actual temperature of the unit, fan speed, and timer settings. It even includes a remote which operates just about every function, from across the room. All this for a reasonable price.

This vape is multi-purpose: it can be a vaporizer, steamer, potpourri warmer, essential oil diffuser and aromatherapy device. Our review only covers the vaporizer aspects.

This vaporizer has a slick remote control! Change fan speed settings, adjusting temperature and turn the unit on and off from across the room.

The Stats

How to Use

Turn on the Extreme Q Vaporizer (try pressing the power button, eh?) and run the unit at high temperature for 10 minutes to burn off the packaging dust and oils. Set the temperature to 380 degrees. Grind and insert your herb into the cyclone bowl. Attach the vaporizer whip to the cyclone bowl on the unit and draw air into your lungs to inhale vapors. Repeat 4-5 draws then stir the herb. Continue this until the herb is dry and brownish color. Discard the duds. To use the balloon, just attach it and turn on the fan setting to any of the 3 settings. Enjoy!

Video in Use

The Downsides

We tried to find major flaws with the Extreme 4, but we couldn’t. It’s not the most attractive piece we’ve seen, but it’s functional.

What’s in the Box?

Replacement Screens: each screen pack includes two 1-inch steel screen discs and two fine steel screen bowls ½ inch in diameter and ¼ inch in depth.

“After smoking out of both The Da Buddah and the Extreme Q 4.0 I would go with the Extreme because of how functional it is with the whip and bag system. The Da Buddah may get a little thicker hits but the Extreme is just as good with the whip. I have found that the Extreme only takes about 1 min and 15 seconds to warm up but I usually let the unit sit at 210C for 10 mins to get everything warmed up. The remote is a must have as you can control the whole unit sitting on the couch which is very nice. The reason I didn’t rate it a perfect ten is because they could have used some better quality buttons and maybe a nicer remote but I’m not really going to complain about that. Overall I am very pleased with this purchase and look forward to staying smoke free!”

— Lunati Grass City forum member

The Bottom Line

The Arizer Extreme Q4 is a worthy contender to replace the Volcano as the king of vaporizers. Affordable, versatile and the remote is just icing on the cake. This is a vape worthy of your hard-earned dollars.

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