Firefly Vaporizer Review

This is an early draft review while I edit more text and photos…

Firefly feels good in your hand, solid and well-made. But it’s heavy and not super discreet.

Firefly feels solid and smooth in your hand, but it’s borderline too heavy. It’s like a 1950s electric shaver in style, it looks like a retro mens gadget with its chrome trim and handsome polish. Yeah, I like the way it looks but more importantly I like the simple design behind the looks. The vapor path is unique; I found the flavor of different strains of cannabis to be more distinct when vaporized with the Firefly.

Cleanest Vapor Air Path

The air path is unique in that it’s just a small channel of air between the top lid piece and the smooth, flat steel inside top of the vape itself. The two piece come together perfectly with a magnetic snap, but sometimes you have to shimmy the top piece a little to fit in place. Again, something you’ll get used to, but it takes some time when breaking in a new piece. I found cleaning this to be a snap and I do it often because it’s so visible and accessible. Well thought out for maintenance there.

The downside to this excellent pathway to flavor if you take too big of a hit, that is too large of an inhale too quickly, you’ll easily end up inhaling bits of ground up medicine into your mouth, bleh. I managed that more than a handful of times and each was equally unpleasant. Go slow, don’t rush it, my friends. I found this annoying at times, but the Firefly is more art than science anyway. Again, it takes practice and there’s an adjustment/learning period.

How to Use the Firefly

  1. Get your Firefly in hand.

  2. Open the magnetic lid. You’ll notice the air channels inside the lid, compact and easy to clean.

  3. Check out the oven and grind your herb.

  4. Fill the oven with freshly ground medical cannabis. Here I’m using a 100% Indica from San Francisco called Afghani Grandaddy. It’s my favorite medicine for reducing inflammation.

  5. Snap the lid on tight so the lid has a good vapor-tight seal.

  6. Flip the switch and the light turns green which means we’re good to go.

  7. Push the button and inhale slowly.

  8. Already been vaped (ABV) in the Firefly looks toasty.

  9. Tap it clean but you’ll still need a little brush.

  10. Give it a quick brush clean and you’ll keep it nice and fresh every time.

  11. Fully toasted and I didn’t even stir! Pretty good oven in the Firefly.

Tips on getting good hits with the Firefly

About my Firefly vaporizer review

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