The Muad-Dib Beats Any Dab Vaporizer Pen

Concentrates are all the rage, but most pen vapes suck. Meet the pen vape killer in a simple wooden box.

The Maud-Dib is a concentrate box that looks like it was made in Sherlock Holmes time, it’s steampunk looking, which is cool, but not discreet.

The same Magic-Flight people who make the wonderful tiny wooden box for herbs also make this interesting looking little concentrate box. The Maud-Dib is only for concentrates in fact, it’s not a dual vaporizer like many other portables, but it excels at being focused and single-purpose. Watching this thing in action is fun, the magnifying dome lid lets you see the concentrate dab on the screen very clearly and you can watch it vaporize before your eyes as you inhale and squeeze in the battery.

While its looks are interesting and steam-punk inspired, that doesn’t make it as discreet looking as the original Launch Box. It is however, just as small and can be concealed in one hand if discretion is an issue.

I normally don’t medicate with oils and concentrates for a few reasons I outline below, but I gave the Maud Dib a fair shot and compared to the few other pen-style concentrate vapes I’ve used it’s hands-down the best oil vape. So easy to use and built to last, not throw away the tips every 40 uses like most pen vapes.

How to Use the Muad-Dib

  1. Open the Maud Dib by pushing the glass dome lid and sliding it left or right.

  2. Get a tiny dab of medical cannabis oil and don’t cheap out, get the best stuff you have access to. Here I’m using Grandaddy Purple that’s 56% THC and 22% CBD which is great for treating inflammation without prescription drugs.

  3. Load the dab on the screen and don’t use too much — for best results only load what can be vaporized in 1 continuous hit.

  4. Start inhaling while you push in the battery to turn the Magic Flight on. It’s just as fast as it’s brother, the dry herb/flower vaporizer, but much cooler to watch the vapors through the magnifying glass lid. This is such a nice detail.

How it Rated: 90%

Concentrates are all the rage, but most pen vapes suck. Meet the pen vape killer in a simple wooden box.

A good long-term investment for concentrates. More expensive than cheapie pen vapes, but less expensive when you consider how often those pen vapes break and need tip replacements. The Maud Dib is built to last.

The top takes a little getting used to compared to the original Magic Flight, but I enjoy the snapping/locking lid feature of the Maud Dib. Also I feel like I have to use the whip with the oil box so this adds a step to medicating.

I like the looks, and many other people agree the steam-punk feel is very cool. But the black paint doesn’t feel as nice in my hand as the original wood box, it has a coarse feel that’s just a little different. You might not be into details like this, so know I’m being nit-picky here, but designers are notorious for that—so hah.

The top seems a little more fragile and easy to catch in your pocket than the original Magic Flight, but the box itself is super solid wood and seems as rugged as the original.

Like the original Magic Flight Launch Box, setup is quick, but I feel like I have to use the whip with the oil box compared to “going native” and just inhaling straight from the Magic Flight air hole. This adds a step to setup, but after that just put the battery in and go.

Very simple, drop a dab in the basket. Loaded.

Super strong. Oils aren’t messing around, so if you are a lightweight maybe skip this and get the herb box instead.

Oils in general are more messy than herbs to clean up, so expect a little bit of oil residue inside the cup that may need some cleaning over the long-term, but overall each session is very clean.

If you load the correct amount you vape the whole dab in 1 go and there’s nothing left. Super efficient. Nothing to ash or dispose of.

Cleaning the inside regularly and burning off any excess oil after your sessions and this concentrate box will be running great for years to come.

Why Concentrates are Tricky

  1. You don’t always know the quality, source, or ingredients, like are there additives, etc.
  2. It’s hard to control dosage, and dangerously easy to over-do it!
  3. Flowers are more natural and less processed — personally I like that directness from nature. But I’m kind of a hippie and you might love the process and I totally respect that!
  4. The high is different, the effects are much stronger and more intense which can trip you out if you’re sensitive to getting anxiety when medicating with high THC/sativa strains.

Yes, concentrates are helpful for certain people, even a miracle for others. I like providing back story and this is why my site doesn’t really have other concentrate vaporizer reviews, because I favor herbal vapes in my personal medication.

The Bottom Line

If you’re into oils, this is the box to get. Pen vapes are built to be thrown-away. The Maud Dib is designed to last and be loved. If concentrates are your thing you will be very happy with this vape.

About my Muad-Dib Review

You made it to the end—I appreciate that! I worked hard to make my Muad-Dib Review useful through research, helpful photos and hands-on testing. If you like my work, consider buying from my referral link so I can keep this site going. VapeWorld has top-notch online customer service and I’ve recommended shopping with them for years. Plus they are an authorized dealer for Magic Flight so you get a legit warranty.


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