Thermovape Vaporizer Review

A rugged portable vape that’s not recommended for herbs, but for concentrates and waxes only.

Holding a black Thermovape portable marijuana vaporizer for size comparison

batteries and the Thermovape with the mouth piece taken off Thermovape is a durable portable vaporizer with a relatively simple, yet modern design.

This is a vaporizer that’s durable, easy to take apart and clean and pretty simple to use.

The Stats

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The Downsides

The battery life is shorter than we expected. The temperature is too hot for herbs, so we recommend only concentrates and waxes in this vape. Kind of a bummer, but the best herbal vapes are all larger than a pen vape — that’s just the way it is right now.

What’s in the Box?

Quotes from Around the Web

“Still working. Cleaning is a must, but so is with every other device. A good soak in alcohol and it hits like new. Just gotta make sure everything is screwed together correctly.”

— PsychoVape, via youtube

The Bottom Line

It’s somewhat stealthy and pretty easy to use. A decent wax/concentrate vape, but we recommend something more versatile like Crafty if you want top end, or Pax/Solo for mid price, or a Magic Flight if cost is the biggest factor.

Thermovape with mouth piece removed

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