VaporGenie Vaporizer Review

Not recommended; look at battery-powered portable vaporizers which are much more efficient.

Designed to be used with a lighter, the Vapor Genie and other similar pipes are bulky and add more throwaway plastic lighters into a landfill.

We do not recommend the Vapor Genie as it’s hard to use. Getting the lighter close enough to the pipe but not too close is difficult and tedious. Also you’ll go through a lot of Bics as it requires wasteful lighters which just end up in a landfill somewhere anyway.

This pipe, and other vaporizing pipes like it, are bulky and not discrete — it’s unmistakably a pipe! And don’t bother trying to use these outside in the wind, they’re impossible.

The Bottom Line

Pass on this pipe vaporizer monster and find happiness in other much more capable and refined portable vaporizers. Spend your money on a portable vape that will last you years of enjoyment and satisfactory use.

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