Wispr Vaporizer Review

Is it a good portable vaporizer?

wispr portable vaporizer in red — is it the best? Wispr is small, light and has a decent warm-up.

Retro transistor radio meets portable vaporizer, this is the second generation Wispr. Built in Carlow, Ireland by Oglesby & Butler Ltd, the gas-powered device is stylish enough to catch your eye, but discreet enough to not draw too much attention.

The Stats

Start-Up & Ease of Use

The Wispr vaporizer is very light and descreet, it’s easy to use just about anywhere as no one will notice a candy-colored box that looks like a toy radio or strange MP3 player. Start-up time is quick, fully hot and ready to use in under 1 minute. Heat is consistent and continuous for 3 hours.

How it Works

Both the Wispr Vaporizer and iolite Original Vaporizer use a patented flameless gas catalytic heater to maintain optimum vaporization temperature of 374°F. Inside each unit is an ignition system that creates a spark and starts the catalytic conversion process. Once started, this charge will last for 3 hours, although you only need about 10-15 minutes for a vape session.

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How-to-Use Video


Replace fuel as needed; check fuel level on side of device.

What’s in the box

The Bottom Line

An attractive and well-designed vaporizer that’s colorful, fun and highly functional. Fuel costs may be a deterrant, but otherwise it’s a solid portable vaporizing option.

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