iolite Portable Vaporizer Review

A solid portable vape for well under $150. Slim and portable. But dealing with a single fixed temperature and having to fill the unit with gas are downsides.

Iolite is slim, pocket-sized, gas-powered and super efficient.

Iolite is a gas-powered portable marijuana vaporizer, and at $130 it has the second lowest price tag of any decent vaporizer worth its money (only Magic Flight is cheaper). It’s slim design fits in your pocket nicely, and it’s lightweight, so it feels very portable and easy to take places. Because it’s gas powered, there’s a slight hissing sound when you use it, some vapes like the Pax or Arizer Solo are totally silent.

A full gas tank should last about 2 hours of continuous vaporizing time. Getting medicated takes about 5-10 minutes, or longer if you have time for a more relaxed vape session. You could use this 6-8 times before refilling, if you’re shooting for efficiency. The bowl is average size, not as large as Pax, not as small as Firefly.

The unit has a fixed temperature setting, which happens to be very calibrated for most herbs I’ve used in the iolite. The temperature is just hot enough to efficiently release THC and other cannabinoids from your medical cannabis, without burning the herb or releasing harsh smoke. Take slow, steady draws from the Iolite’s mouth piece and you’ll find the warm but very pleasant taste of your pot.

How it Rated: 85%

A solid portable vape under $150. You’ll find some cheaper options that aren’t as easy to use, as slim and portable, or as efficient. The temperature feels easy on the throat on this unit, not too hot.

Filling the gas tank is easy, but still has to be done regularly. Operating the vape is dead simple, flip the switch and hit the button for heat. You’re ready to add freshly ground herb and vaporize away.

The photos make this unit look fat, but it’s surprisingly slim design feels good in your hand, with subtle rubbery vinyl grip pads on each side. The unit does get warm to the touch, but isn’t hot.

It’s lightweight because it’s made of tough plastic.

Fairly simple once you do it; adding gas was a new experience but turned out to be easy and took less than a minute total. Not the fastest vaporizer, but a quick few minutes and it’s ready.

Loading the Iolite requires practice, it’s easy to spill herb outside the narrow chamber opening. Once loaded, you have to turn it upside-down so you don’t spill the chamber’s herbs. Sliding the mouth piece back on can be tricky to align to the heating bowl.

Grid the herbs well to start with, take slow, long and steady hits. There’s no thick vapor exhale, but it’s a nice stream of white and after several hits you should be feeling a very clean and refreshing high.

Sliding off the mouth piece is easy; dump the cached herb from the chamber and give it a blow or two; usually that’s enough. Sliding the mouthpiece back on is the hardest part of clean-up.

With well-ground herbs we found the Iolite to be the most efficient portable vaporizer we’ve tested. The heating element is near perfect, as it never seems to scorch or burn the marijuana, leaving you with perfectly clean vapors and efficiently-used herb.

Blow it clean. Add gas when necessary. Change the screen when it gets too clogged. Very low maintenance.

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The Downsides

Other portables use batteries, but Iolite uses gas. Gas refill cans are available at most good smoke shops. Gas lasts much longer than batteries, but requires filling, which can be messy if you’re not careful. Charging batteries is easier, but less efficient. These are reasonable trade-offs if you’re looking for portability that lasts. Gas refills are also super fast compared to charging a battery, which can take hours.

Our least-favorite thing about the Iolite is the small hiss the unit makes when it’s using gas. Inside components regulate the temperature perfectly, so we appreciate that feature, but it’s a little too noisy to use in a quiet movie theatre or where small noises matter. This is a minor issue, but there are other portable options that are completely silent and sometimes a minor issue can be a major one in a stealthy situation.

What’s in the Box?

The Stats

“Overall, I am thrilled with this purchase.The unit will eventually pay for itself because of the amount of bud you save. The amount of places that you can take the iolite is up to your imagination. The ability to have clear headed highs, saving your lungs, and saving a ton of money on bud all make this purchase a no-brainer.”

— Swisha Militia Grass City forum member

The Bottom Line

Iolite is a great portable vaporizer option and a bargin at $130. Efficient, slim and portable — a complete package with a few minor drawbacks. Gas is efficient and fast compared to batteries, but still requires a little planning and care. We love this portable for it’s size and compact design, consistent operation and minimal maintenance, our only real beef is the hiss and having to fill a gas tank instead of recharge some batteries.

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