Vaporizer Reviews by a California Medical Marijuana Patient

Hi! I write about vaporizers, and take lots of photos, to help you find a good portable or desktop vape to buy.

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Testing and writing reviews about marijuana vaporizers, both plugin and portable vapes.

Big Site Update in October 2016!

  • Pax 2 price drop $280 $200
  • Best portable under $200: G-Pen Elite
  • Skip the Firefly 2, G Pro and Quickdraw, they are too complicated
  • Newly arrived Summit+ is a rugged refinement of the Vapium, for $150
  • Coming soon: an update to our Vaporizer Guide for 2016/2017

New to Vaporizing Medical Marijuana?

Skip the smoke with our photo how-to guide.

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  • Before: Freshly ground weed


  • After: Already Been Vaped (ABV) after 12 vape hits


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