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My recommendations are based on months of testing. Save your lungs with a built-to-last cannabis vaporizer.

Testing and writing reviews about marijuana vaporizers, both plugin and portable vapes.

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Types of Vaporizers

Learn more about portable and plug-in vapes:


Carry in your pocket for discreet any-time medication. Most run on special rechargeable batteries. A few are as strong as plug-in units 3x their size.



Firefly Newcomer, sleek but hefty and not very stealth, it does have good battery life and offers nice vapor


Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo ✓ Highly Recommended Medium-sized, delivers steady thick clouds; 7 temperatures offer nice range; not super stealthy



Pax ✓ Highly Recommended Powerful hits in a slick and stealthy stick; good battery; large herb capacity; requires cleaning often



PUFFiT Looks like asthma inhaler; recharge via USB; 8 temperature settings; one charge = 30 heat cycles or about 80 hits


Magic-Flight Launch Box

Magic-Flight Launch Box ✓ Highly Recommended Beautifully simple wooden box; near-instant warm-up; super efficient and discreet portable; hits require practice



VaporGenie ✗ Not Recommended Hard to use and requires wasteful lighters; bulky; spend your money on a quality portable vape with rechargeable batteries instead


Desktop vaporizers you use at home. Powerful, sturdy and great for groups and regular medical sessions. Most are ready to use in a few minutes.



Herbalizer ✓ Highly Recommended Fastest & most-accurate temperatures; use bags or whips, dry herbs or oils; most efficient desktop vape, medical-grade


Da Buddha

Da Buddha ✓ Highly Recommended Durable and designed for regular use; stays cool; nice temperature knob adjustments; quick warm-up; very affordable


Hot Box

Hot Box Decent starter vape; reliable over years of use; we’d recommend upgrading to Da Buddha for adjustable temperature in a better designed case


Arizer Extreme

Arizer Extreme Versatile: use either vapor tube or balloon bag; strong vapor hits; remote control; optional battery makes it portable; an affordable Volcano alternative


Vapor King

Vapor King ✗ Not Recommended These cheapie wooden vaporizers tend to last about 6 months of use and then stop working. Save your money


Volcano Classic

Volcano Classic ✓ Highly Recommended Precise temperature controls; easy to use; large bag allows vapor to cool; great for groups; super efficient, long-term value

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