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Testing and writing reviews about marijuana vaporizers, both plugin and portable vapes.

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New to medical marijuana or vaporizing?

We wrote you a photo-packed and well-researched guide.

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Our Vaporizer Reviews

We use, test and write about all types of portable and plug-in vaporizers. Each article is packed with photos and hands-on tips for evaluating and using each vape.


Carry in your pocket for discreet any-time medication. Most run on special rechargeable batteries and a few of these are as strong as some plug-in units three times their size.



Firefly Newcomer, sleek but hefty and not very stealth, it does have good battery life and offers nice vapor


Arizer Solo

Arizer Solo ✓ Highly Recommended Medium-sized, delivers steady thick clouds; 7 temperatures offer nice range; not super stealthy



Pax ✓ Highly Recommended Powerful hits in a slick and stealthy stick; good battery; large herb capacity; requires cleaning often



PUFFiT Looks like asthma inhaler; recharge via USB; 8 temperature settings; one charge = 30 heat cycles or about 80 hits


Magic-Flight Launch Box

Magic-Flight Launch Box ✓ Highly Recommended Beautifully simple wooden box; near-instant warm-up; super efficient and discreet portable; hits require practice



VaporGenie ✗ Not Recommended Hard to use and requires wasteful lighters; bulky; spend your money on a quality portable vape with rechargeable batteries instead


Desktop vaporizers that you use at home. Powerful, sturdy and great for groups of people or regular medication sessions. Plug these in the wall like a toaster and turn it on, most are ready to use in a few minutes.



Herbalizer ✓ Highly Recommended Fastest & most-accurate temperatures; use bags or whips, dry herbs or oils; most efficient desktop vape, medical-grade


Da Buddha

Da Buddha ✓ Highly Recommended Durable and designed for regular use; stays cool; nice temperature knob adjustments; quick warm-up; very affordable


Hot Box

Hot Box Decent starter vape; reliable over years of use; we’d recommend upgrading to Da Buddha for adjustable temperature in a better designed case


Arizer Extreme

Arizer Extreme Versatile: use either vapor tube or balloon bag; strong vapor hits; remote control; optional battery makes it portable; an affordable Volcano alternative


Vapor King

Vapor King ✗ Not Recommended These cheapie wooden vaporizers tend to last about 6 months of use and then stop working. Save your money


Volcano Classic

Volcano Classic ✓ Highly Recommended Precise temperature controls; easy to use; large bag allows vapor to cool; great for groups; super efficient, long-term value

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