Da Buddha Vaporizer Review

Great value under $200. You’ll find cheaper options, but they won’t out-last Da Buddha with regular use.

Designed to get hot fast, but stay cool forever. This vaporizer makes us feel all zen and happy, we love Da Buddha.

Great price meets usable, durable and long-lasting in Da Buddha vaporizer. Perfect for those just starting out, or upgrading from a cheapie vaporizer. It stays cool due to having a tough aluminum coating with an open area around the heating and glass element, air easily circulates keeping the surrounding metal edges, and overall unit, that’s just warm to the touch. But do be careful, as the glass that’s directly touching the heating element is very hot and will burn a curious or misplaced finger.

How it Rated: 91%

Great price meets usable, durable and long-lasting in Da Buddha vaporizer.

Great value under $200. You’ll find many cheaper options that won’t last more than a few months of regular use. Da Buddha is made to last.

Plug in. Turn knob to 12 o-clock. Grind herb to fine consistency. Pack wand with quarter inch weed. Slide wand into the glass receptacle. Draw air from tube. Go slow, steady. Exhale thick clouds of pure vapor. Never smoke again.

The clean lines feel modern. The roundness feels organic adds to its stability. Da Buddha is well-designed because it’s functional and still interesting to look at; it’s pretty attractive design. The silver knob works very easy and has a satisfying click on and off. We appreciated small details like that.

It’s made for years of enjoyment. It’s not heavy, but feels substantial, with some heft. The base is thick plastic and feels ridged. The glass pieces are thick and feel tough.

Simple setup. Plug it in. Turn the knob on. In 3 minutes it’s hot and ready to use.

Glass wand is easy to load herb and replace screens. We prefer 2-piece glass wands, but the simplicity of this is nice.

Go slow, grid fine, and you’ll be in a zen like high after a few hits of quality herb. Get thick, white clouds of cannabis vapor from Da Buddha with the right approach and technique.

Some dried, cached herbs can fall into the chamber from time to time. Simple solution: blow it clear.

Grind your marijuana finely and this unit will be very efficient. Over the long term you’ll be saving at least 15% of the herb smoked in a bong or pipe.

>This unit is basically maintenance-free. It runs flawlessly with just the flick of a knob. Keep your whip screen clean, and change screens every so often when it gets clogged. And keep the dust out of the top of the unit, but that shouldn’t be a big problem.

How to use Da Buddha

  1. step 1: warm-up your vape

    Turn the knob on to warm-up the heating element. Patience is a virtue, so wait until it’s hot and ready, about 3 minutes.

  2. step 2: grind your herb

    Grind the herb to a fine-ish consistency.

  3. step 3: load your vape

    Load the wand with herb. protip: inhale or “suck up” the ground weed is often easier than trying to pour herb into the tiny wand stem.

  4. step 4: inhale the vapors slowly

    Inhale slowly using steady breaths to draw the warm vapor into your mouth and lungs. Don’t be distracted, find focus and be attentive.

Temperature Tip

Start with the knob position in the middle, at 12 o’clock and work your way up or down in 1-hour turns. 1-o’clock knob position works well for more dank herb, where high noon is great for more delicate or dry marijuana flowers. Herb still green after one or two 20 second long hits? Turn the heat up a little. Herb turning brown or tasting burnt after a long draw? Turn the heat down and try to take 5-6 long hits before you consider the bowl spent.

The Downsides

Da Buddha is a fairly tall vaporizer, but the design let’s it stay cool, so that’s a reasonable trade-off. For under $200 you’ll find plenty of other buying options, but none with the lasting build quality, simplicity of design, setup and daily use.

What’s in the Box?

The Stats

“I have NEVER tasted such delicious herb before. You can really taste your bud breathing out, also it seems that skittles make the flavor come out that much more! After a certain temp setting though (2-3 o’clock) it does give that ever so recognizable “popcorn” flavor/smell which isn’t bad but I enjoy the flavor of the lower temps.”

— MrMatrix Grass City forum member

The Bottom Line

For under $200, there are many vaporizer buying options, but none as well-designed for durability, simplicity and easy every-day use than Da Buddha. Save your Volcano money and buy extra weed. This coated aluminum vape is strong and lightweight, fast to setup and easy to put away.

About my Da Buddha vaporizer review

You made it to the end—I appreciate that! I worked hard to make my Da Buddha vaporizer review useful through research, helpful photos and years of hands-on testing, seriously, it’s a durable piece I still trust and use. If you like my work, consider buying from my referral link so I can keep this site going. VapeWorld has top-notch online customer service and I’ve recommended shopping with them for years. Plus they are an authorized dealer for 7th Floor so you get a legit warranty.

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