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Testing and writing reviews about marijuana vaporizers, both plugin and portable vapes.

A short disclaimer: I work hard to make this site useful through weeks, sometimes months, of careful hands-on testing, research, writing, and helpful photos in my reviews. If you buy a vaporizer using my referral links I make a few bucks which helps me try new vapes to review. It’s not my only motivation for making this site, but I thought you should know.

So, now that we’re friends…

Crohn’s Disease, My Story

For over 15 years ago I’ve struggled with Crohn’s disease. Frequent trips to the bathroom, nausea, loss of appetite and dangerous weight loss are all part of my struggle. But cannabis helps give me more control: fewer bathroom trips, almost zero nausea, an attention and hunger for real food. And I can finally put on weight. It’s not a cure, but it’s the best medicine I’ve tried, and many good doctors had me taking strong prescription drugs that were not nearly as effective as cannabis. Now, thankfully I live in a medical marijuana state where I can get the right dosage and strain for reducing inflammation and increasing appetite.

Why I Started

I started this site because I’ve used many different vaporizers over the years and wanted to test and share detailed and specific reviews with other medical marijuana patients.

Good Luck to You

I hope you find my writings and photos in each vaporizer review to be useful and helpful in finding a good vaporizer for your needs (and budget), as well as for your long-term health and cannabis journey. With great power comes great responsibility. Cannabis is a powerful drug; let us use it responsibly, my friends.

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