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Choosing between different types of marijuana vaporizers involves trade-offs in size, price, ease of use and maintenance.

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  • Volcano Classic

  • $$$$
  • Read review✓ Highly Recommended Most reliable of the high-end vaporizers; consistent temps; very easy to use; large bags allows vapor to cool and last for months; great for groups; very good long-term investment and valueRead full review
  • 6 years ago
  • Pax 3

  • $$$
  • Read review✓ Highly Recommended Delivers medium-sized hits; great battery life; super-fast warm-up time; mouthpiece easy to clean and more durable; the standard for reliable stealthRead full review
  • 1 month ago
  • Pax 2

  • $$
  • Read review✓ Highly Recommended Slow sips deliver medium-sized hits; great battery life; new mouthpiece is far easier to clean than Pax 1; a nice upgrade that’s reliable and stealthyRead full review
  • 3 years ago
  • Arizer Air II

  • $$
  • Read review✓ Recommended Smaller and lighter than the original, less than 90 seconds to warm-up, very easy to clean; finally comes with screens!; includes several nice glass mouth pieces
  • 1 month ago
  • G-Pen Elite

  • $$
  • Read review✓ Recommended Large oven, quick-heating and stealthy in a small package, best value under $150 (as of December 2017); relatively hot vapor, also annoying on/off button pressing sequenceRead full review
  • 1 year ago
  • Firefly 2

  • $$$
  • Read review✓ Somewhat Recommended Much smaller and lighter than the original, quick to warm-up, includes extra rechargeable battery, iOS/Android app, very easy to clean; finicky airflow requires an inhale technique; pickup the powerful Crafty for the same price
  • 1 year ago
  • Herbalizer

  • Read review✗ No Longer Recommended Fastest & most-accurate temps; use bag or whip; but… serious reliability issues; requires frequent cleaning and expensive bag/whip replacement; needs improvementsRead full review
  • 4 years ago
  • Summit+

  • $$
  • Read review✓ Recommended Very durable design, nice magnetic closing oven lid, fairly good airflow, efficient battery; LED light interface is confusing, good overall but not super powerful
  • 1 year ago
  • Quickdraw 500 DLX

  • $$
  • Read review✗ Not Recommended too complicated of a design, bad user interface for turning on/off, too many delicate parts. Mouthpiece has decent airflow, but is easy to inhale herb particles.
  • 1 year ago
  • G Pro

  • $
  • Read review✗ Not Recommended Cheap plastic feel right out of the box, difficulty opening the lid, bad feel for the mouthpiece.
  • 1 year ago
  • Haze 3

  • $$$
  • Read review✗ Not Recommended clunky box that’s not as sleek or well-designed as similarly priced vapes, too complicated for its own good, parts easy to lose.
  • 1 year ago

2014 Buying Guide

This section is like a vaporizer buying guide and was just updated December 2014. I call it a guide because each vape review in the series has large, high-res and detailed pictures of each vaporizer along with instructions and tips on how to use it with medical cannabis.

Each review is written from my personal experience and many hours of hands-on testing. I try to shoot clear photography showing how each vaporizer is used with medical cannabis so you get a good understanding of what it's like to use over time, not just a first impression by someone who doesn't know what they're talking about. I am fortunate to live in San Francisco and where I am a legal medical marijuana user and patient. I fully converted from smoking weed to vaporizing my medical marijuana and now I'm on a mission to help you.

My vapes are part review and part user-guides. After reading my reviews you’ll know:

We always include specs on battery life, charging times as well as the warranty info in each review.

Yes, some vaporizers smell more than others, and I try to note little details like this. You learn about these tips and tricks only after using dozens of different vaporizers in hundreds of situations. If you browse around on my site long enough you'll learn lots of useful stuff, like the difference between sativa vs indica or the best temperature to vaporize medical marijuana to reduce inflammation.

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