Cleaning Your Vape

Keeping your vape clean is essential to keeping it running smoothly for years to come. A clean vaporizer works better because it's more effective at delivering proper heat and therefore uses the herb more efficiently than a dirty vape.

Spend the time and regularly clean parts in isopropyl alcohol as you'll soon see. Below are some tips for maintaining your vaporizer so it stays working smoothly and efficiently.

How to Clean Your Vaporizer

1. Use Isopropyl Alcohol to Clean Resin

Isopropyl Alcohol works very well to clean resin. It dissolves ethyl cellulose, many oils, alkaloids, gums and natural resins. Dip pipe cleaners in alcohol, put it on rags and Q-tips and use to clean off resin. Soak glass pieces and they should clean up nicely.

2. Clean and Change Screens

clogged screen clean screen

This screen was clogged beyond cleaning, so we changed it out with a new screen. Sticky buds will cause more resin build-up and clog screens faster. Cleaning the screen with a small brush after each use helps it last longer.

3. Change Whip Tubes

dirty whip tube clean whip tube

Clean tubes with alcohol and some big pieces of salt or sand; shake and flush clean. Cut off each end of the tube after a cleaning so the mouth piece and wand fit nice and snug.

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Cleaning Supplies

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