Grinding Your Cannabis: How to Get a Fine Grind

Grinding your weed exposes more of it to air during vaporization, drawing more active ingredients and conserving your weed at the same time! Here are a few tips for grinding as well as buying a grinder.

We loaded three basic marijuana grinders with herb and put them to the test. Some worked better than others. If you have big hands, look for a larger grinder because they can be slim and hard to hold.

three grinders compared; plasic 2-piece, metal 4-piece, and metal 2-piece

  1. cheapie plastic grinder doesn’t do a good job

    A. Cheapie plastic two-piece grinder fails our tests to make a semi-fine mix. This will waste weed in many vaporizers such as the Magic Flight Launch Box.

  2. 4-piece grinder test did OK, but not as good as metal two-piece

    B. Metal four-piece grinder does a better job for a finer consistency, but still misses our mark. The finer the grind the better the vape session.

  3. 2-piece grinder test did just fine, this is a good grind ready for vaporizing

    C. Metal two-piece grinder does a nice job getting to semi-fine because you can over-grind and shake things around to get more of a powerdy consistency.

Also a coffee grinder works very well, but can pulverize herb to dust, which can be too fine for some vapes. Experiment and do tests with your specific strains.

Shopping List: Grinders

Get a Great Grind

Not all vaporizers work well with a fine grind, but if yours does, spend the time to grind! Generally I like to over-grind and see a little dusty powder in my grinder, but some vaporizers work just fine with a medium or even semi-corse grind.

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