Magic Flight Launch Box Review

— A simple, efficient and very portable cannabis vaporizer that is made to last.

The Box, LB, or even MFLB as it’s nicknamed, packs a punch of efficiency inside a tiny beautiful wooden box — a hippies delight.

The Magic Flight Launch Box has a whimsical name for a beautifully simple marijuana vaporizer. It’s known among certain pot smoking circles to be the most discreet of the portables. Holding the small box in your hand feels natural, a feeling only wood can deliver. Other portables are made of plastic or polished aluminum — both durable but cold and robotic feeling; this box draws you in with its rich texture and warm color, inviting you to touch and use it.

Regular marijuana users will appreciate the efficiency and directness of the unit. Expert users of the Magic Flight Launch Box “go native” and gently suck vapors straight from the box, without a whip or tube. This increases vapor efficiency because there’s no condensation effect or wasted vapor. It’s also more flavorful.

How it Rated: 96%

Our favorite portable vaporizer; the most discreet portable, it’s efficient, inexpensive and built to last.

Super efficient. Remove the glass mouth straw and draw vapors straight from the box to get maximum efficiency. A strong high if you take the time to draw slowly and consistently, shaking between hits to stir the herb.

Load herb, insert battery, wait 5 seconds and start inhaling vapors, slowly and steadily. Wow, that was easy. Our only gripe here is the battery can require a firm hand to hold in contact.

This wooden box is an attractive looking object. The wood grain reminds you of nature, earth and the beautiful sky, high above. We appreciate this design as it subtly reminds you about your connection to nature and to each other. On the back, an engraving that we should choose on the basis of love. We choose you, Magic Flight Launch Box.

Very solid wooden box. Durable screen. Plasic lid is tough and holds up over time.

Load herb; insert battery; go. Easiest vape setup ever.

Simply slide the plastic cover to the side and load herb with ease, filling the tray to the first level, but not to the top of the entire bowl. The chamber doesn’t hold much, but it’s a powerfully efficient unit, so you’ll use less herb. Bonus: pack the chamber with herb for later that day and travel lite with just the box and a battery for single serving flights.

Grid fine, suck vapors slowly and consistently for good hits. Don’t rush it, go slowly. Inhale with meditative-like focus on the task at hand and you’ll be soaring in no time. Hits directly from the box are stronger than when using the glass tube mouth piece.

Slide the cover and tap/shake to dump your duds; clean-up takes 5 seconds. Use the provided brush for extra-good clean-up.

Grind your marijuana finely and shake often to circulate the herb in the chamber. This box is super efficient, especially if you inhale directly from the air hole instead of using the glass mouth tube. Over the long term you’ll be saving about 20% of the herb smoked in a bong or pipe.

Keep the fill chamber screen and air hole clean. Don’t damage the screen, it’s not replaceable.

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The Stats

Battery Tips: 1) Always keep an extra full-charged battery, a full charge lasts 3-5 bowls worth of vaporizing, but not much longer. 2) Always use high quality Nickel Metal Hydride, or NiMH, batteries which are 2000mAh or greater.

Easy to Clean

Tap the chamber clean after each use, and gently brush the screen after cooling. Sometimes it’s necessary to blow air through the inhaling hole, with the cover open.

How-To-Use Video

In this how-to video, see how to get perfect, thick vapor clouds from the Magic Flight Launch Box. Keys to perfect vaporization await:

The Downside: battery life is short

Portable vaporizers require power; they all eat batteries at nearly the same rate. But the MFLB stands alone in it’s simplicity and elegant design. Load the battery and it’s on, after about 15-30 minutes it’s done and typically, so are you.

What’s in the Box?

Quotes from Around the Web

“I certainly wouldn’t say the MFLB is the best vape, I’m pretty sure it’s been established there is no such thing. We all have different needs. The MFLB seems to fit those needs for a lot of people, stealth is a big factor. But there’s no denying the engineering and thought put into this little thing to put it on par with most top dollar vapes. I’ve used the Volcano, other bag vapes and boxes too. They’re fantastic, but I enjoy the personality of my MF.”
— MSet, forum member of the popular pot smokers site f*ckcombustion

The Bottom Line

This is our favorite portable vaporizer: it’s efficient and simple to use, yet inexpensive and built to last. It’s worth your money.