Mighty Vaporizer Review

It hits harder than any portable around, and has double the battery of its little brother, Crafty. Meet the ultimate portable.

Mighty is a medium-sized portable vape with an industrial look — people might mistake it for a car or motorcycle part. Its design and shape is like a heat sink that helps dissipate the heat, so Mighty is only warm to the touch, never hot, even at max temp.

The Volcano has long been the king of vaporizers, ever since Storz & Bickel started making them in 2001. These Germans obviously know quality, and they had set my expectations high going into this. They make straight-forward design that’s useful, not just attractive. The knobs and switches on the Volcano and Digit are impressively built and easy to use.

Holding Mighty in your hand is no different, it feels solid — its industrial-grade plastic is a good shape and feels like a well-made electronic device. I like holding it better than Crafty when I’m at home relaxing, it feels more substantial and is easier to adjust for different cannabinoid effects.

How to Use Mighty

  1. Pull the mouth piece off

    Twist the mouth piece off to reveal the convection bowl.

  2. Fill the bowl with a fine grind using the included orange loader. It’s a decent storage container, too. A useful tool, included in the box. Nice touch!

  3. Perfect every time. Use the loader to pack without spills.

  4. Press the power button. Mighty vibrates when turning on, off or reaching a set temperature.

  5. Press both temp buttons to switch between fahrenheit and celsius on the LCD display. (The numbers look great in person, but my camera didn’t capture how clear it looks.)

  6. Ready to medicate

    Now you’re ready to medicate. I find somewhere between 360-390°F a good temperature to vaporize high-end medical cannabis from San Francisco dispensaries. I’m really enjoying 375°F for Indica dominant strains like Afghani Grandaddy (21.9% THC, .5% CDB, .2% CBN). And a little higher at 385°F for Girl Scout Cookies (9% THC, 6.13% CDB, 1% CBN). These are excellent for the anti-inflammatory effects and help ease my Crohn’s symptoms.

  7. Inhale slowly but you’ll notice right away the air flow is nice and open compared to most other portables. Some portables require suction like a thick smoothie or milkshake—not Mighty.

  8. My session is about 2 minutes long and the bowl looks mostly toasted. I didn’t even stir! That’s the sign of a good quality heating element that evenly distributes the bowl temperature.

  9. Well-vaporized my friends.

How it Rated: 97%

I’ve seen bigger cell phones than Mighty, so if size isn’t too big of a concern get it over Crafty and enjoy double the battery life and faster warm-up times. Meet the ultimate portable.

You could waste a lot of money on sub $200 vaporizers that break after a year of regular use, especially portables. Yes, $469 makes Mighty the most expensive portable, but it’s also the most powerful portable with a great battery life.

One-button for on/off; two temperature buttons for up and down make it easy to change temps. Power adapter charging is convenient because you can use Mighty plugged in even when it’s below 25% battery life (Crafty requires more juice).

The design is industrial and bold, and doesn’t exactly fly under the radar as stealthy. You can hold this in one hand and conceal it fairly well inside a big sweatshirt sleeve or a large cup. Only minor issue is Mighty doesn’t stand up by itself like Crafty, so loading it requires two hands.

I wouldn’t recommend dropping it, since it has some electronics inside, but overall the durability of this is something I come to expect with all of Storz & Bickel’s products.

1) Unscrew the mouthpiece and load the bowl. 2) Push the on button on Mighty and wait about 1 minute for warm up. 3) Medicate.

The twist-off top makes it super fast and easy to load the bowl. The included herb loader helps a lot, but you could also use a small tube to quickly load your herbs without much fuss.

Unmatched for a portable. Pax and Arizer Solo have long held the top spots for hardest hitting portable but Mighty and Crafty are setting a new high bar for vapor quality in portables. Mighty hits harder because it has more power and feels more accessible with the controls right there.

Turn upside-down and the bowl empties with a light tap. Sometimes you’ll need to use the brush that’s included. It’s a nice wooden brush with soft bristles, another small but thoughtful detail of quality. Also, read my in-depth how-to guide on cleaning Mighty for more info and photos.

You could argue some small amount of vapor is lost waiting for warm-up, but I won’t. Some vaporizers work better with a smaller load, but that’s easily fixed by adding the oil pad to fill the space.

Regular use requires regular cleaning, especially inside the top mouthpiece. Spend time cleaning parts in ISO alcohol according to the manual.

Stop Watch Times

The Downsides

Mighty is the top of the line portable for medical and heavy cannabis users, so it’s a little large in size because of the good battery life and fast heating element. It can be tucked into a large sweatshirt sleeve to be concealed, but it’s definitely on the large side for a portable. If being stealthy is a requirement, get a Crafty. No USB charging on the Mighty is a minor miss, the battery draws too much energy.

What’s in the Box?

The Stats

The Bottom Line

Mighty is a solid choice if you want all the power available in a portable. It’s by far the easiest to use of any portable we’ve tested. Need something stealthy and more pocket-sized? Get Crafty and save $80 bucks. Want a super-sized battery on the go? Invest the extra money up-front and get Mighty. $469 makes Mighty the most expensive portable around, and if you read from the beginning, you understand why.

About my Mighty vaporizer review

You made it to the end—I appreciate that! I worked hard to make this Mighty vaporizer review the best on the internet through careful research, taking helpful photos and lots of personal hands-on testing over months of regular medical marijuana use. If you like my work, consider buying from my referral link so I can keep this site going. VapeWorld has top-notch online customer service and I’ve recommended shopping with them for years. Plus they are an authorized dealer for Storz & Bickel so you get a legit warranty.


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