Volcano Vaporizer Review

Is it Worth the Price?

The Classic model uses an intuitive knob to quickly adjust heat.

The Volcano vaporizer has a well-known reputation among pot smokers as the vape of choice — because quality endures. It’s precise, durable and simple to use. The made-in-Germany label means quality; Germans are known for precise engineering combined with bold visual design and the Volcano vaporizer is both.

Regular smokers and vapesters will appreciate the efficiency of capturing an entire bowl’s worth of vapor in one shot; inhale at your pace, enjoying cool and pure THC. And finding best temperatures for specific strains is easy with intuitive heat controls — turn a knob or push a button.

Tip: Don’t worry about burning your herb, the maximum temperature setting can’t make plant material combust, stopping 10° short.

How it Rated: 94%

The Volcano Classic remains the king of vaporizers because quality endures.

A vaporizer like this is an investment, think: long-term. It might not in your budget, but regular smokers will love this because it’s efficient in extracting every last drop of THC from your herb. It’s built to last for years, unlike so many poorly-made products these days.

Plug in. Turn it on. Grind herb to fine consistency. Load and wait for the bag to fill with vapors; once full release the bag and pass around your group to enjoy the cool vapors. Easiest vaporizer to use in large groups because of huge bag capacity. Also you can make custom bags that hold even more vapor!

Very modern looking with its German design. The unique volcano shape is well-designed, functional, interesting to look at and easy to carry. The temperature controls work very easy. Its small details go appreciated and noticed.

Made for years of enjoyment. Very stable and solid. Thank Ze Germans.

Simple setup: Plug it in. Turn it on.

Bag is farily easy to work once you get the hang of it. Loading herb is fast work after a few bowls, too.

Grid fine, suck vapors by the bag full. Take as big of a hit as you can. Better tasting and for your lungs than hits from the bong.

Bags are re-usable to a point, and screen clean-up only takes a minute.

Grind your marijuana finely and this unit will be very efficient. Over the long term you’ll be saving at least 15% of the herb smoked in a bong or pipe.

Change screens when they get clogged. Replace bags as needed.

How to Use the Volcano

Digit uses an LED digital display and buttons for precise temperature control. Set the temp each time you power on the Digit model.

Low Maintenance

Bags get brown and dirty with use, screens get clogged and less effective with use. Change balloon bags (3 for $10) and herb screens every 50 uses. Keep your vaporizer looking clean with a good wipe every few weeks to keep the dust away.

The Downsides: large size, high price and bag use

Like all things in life, the good comes with some bad. The bags are crinkly, loud and not environmentally friendly. The Volcano is also the largest vaporizer around — a foot tall, and nearly 3 feet with an inflated bag. But cons can also be pros; the large bag, while a hassle for one, is perfect for sharing with friends and lasts 50 or so uses.

What’s in the Box?

volcano vaporizer parts inside the box

Volcano Classic vs Volcano Digit

What’s the difference? Classic uses a knob to control temperature, less precise but easy to use. The Volcano Digit vape has a digital LED display with buttons to dial exactly the temperature that works best with a specific herb — some strains are more delicate than others. If price is an issue, save $150 and get handy with the knob. If precision is your thing, don’t bother with the Classic knob, go digital.

comparing the Volcano vaporizers: Classic's analogue rotary knob as compared to the Volcano Digit's LED digital display and buttons

“Yeah, the primary downfall of the digit is it takes the *very* reliable rock solid construction and design of the Volcano vaporizer, and adds electronics that can and will fail. Not worth it to me on general principle. Took me about a month to really understand the volcano, now its easy to get whatever kind of dose I want out of it, be it a medicating low heat dose, or a high heat get stoned as hell dose.”
— Caprican, SF bay area forum member

The Stats

Unmatched Quality

Most of the $200 vaporizers stop working after a year or two, but the Volcano vaporizer is built to last and has replaceable parts if needed.

The Bottom Line

We recommend it, especially if you’re a daily smoker or smoke with friends often. The Volcano vaporizer has unmatched efficiency and will last for many years of service. You will save money using less herb, and that adds up quickly over the months.

Our advice? Go with the Volcano Classic over the Digit and save yourself $150. The knobs are easy to adjust and there’s less that can go wrong.

About my Volcano vaporizer review

You made it to the end—I appreciate that! I worked hard to make this Volcano vaporizer review the best on the internet through careful research, taking helpful photos and lots of personal hands-on testing over months of regular medical marijuana use. If you like my work, consider buying from my referral link so I can keep this site going. VapeWorld has top-notch online customer service and I’ve recommended shopping with them for years. Plus they are an authorized dealer for Storz & Bickel so you get a legit warranty.


The Volcano Classic, with analogue knob The Volcano Digit, with digital buttons to adjust temperature

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