Vapor King Vaporizer Review

— Not recommended; cheap and built to fail; look at high-quality plug-in vaporizers which are made to last years.

Designed to fail after moderate or regular use, the Vapor King and other similar cheap wooden box vaporizers are poorly constructed and the heating elements fail very frequently.

We do not recommend the Vapor King and similar cheap wooden box vaporizers because they won’t last. Typically the heating elements on these inexpensive units last only a few weeks to months of regular use. Just when you start to get the hang of vaporizing your cheap box breaks!

If you’re looking for the cheapest plug-in that’s reliable, start with the Hot Box. It’s solid, but slow to warm-up.

The Bottom Line

Pass on these cheap wood box vaporizers and find years of pleasure in other inexpensive but durable or well-priced for total control over your herbal vaporizing needs. Expect to invest around $150-250 on a quality plug-in vaporizer that will last for years of enjoyment.

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