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Marijuana as Medication — Tricky to Balance

This article talks about some interesting points on both sides of the medical marijuana debate. It has both positive health benefits, and sometimes negative life consequences as a result of daily use.
During my training some years ago at a community counseling center, I got to know people whose relationships with marijuana seemed to straddle a hard-to-navigate line between addiction and self-medication. I remember people who couldn’t afford to buy vegetables — or to pay $15 for a therapy session with a trainee — who managed to come up with $300 per month for their dealers.
And some of the positives and negatives:
The THC-mediated boost in dopamine activity can make a person feel imaginative, brilliant, comfortable, painless — or it can fuel paranoia and set the heart racing. Or interfere with memory. Other compounds in marijuana are thought to have anxiety-quelling tendencies to counter THC’s anxiety-provoking effect.
Since marijuana legalization is a big news topic of recent, they go on to discuss the differences between alcohol and weed, which is an important distinction:
It’s not so much about the substance, it’s about how the person uses it, what’s their relationship to it. Alcohol, for example, is legal and in grocery stores, and more people die of alcoholism every year than all other addictions combined. Alcohol is the big offender. I hate to see marijuana vilified when alcohol is more devastating, I see marijuana as being relatively benign, compared to alcohol.
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