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Marijuana Farmers Market Connects Growers with Patients

The Inland Empire Patient Health and Wellness Center (link now dead) has established a medical marijuana farmers market for patients to get great prices on medicine by dealing directly with farmers.
Walking into the farmers market area, a patient finds a wide variety of medicinal cannabis available at excellent prices. If the patient chooses to grow their own, live plants are available at the market as well. Godzilla, white widow, tahoe og, blueberry, lemon diesel, cheese, india haze, mixed nutz and many more strains are available to the cost-conscious patient at terrific prices. Lotions and balms are available for the patient who uses the medicine topically.
I would love the opportunity to talk directly with the people growing my medicine. What kinds of pesticides do you use? What’s your energy use like? Do you have a lot of experience growing this certain strain? What a wonderful opportunity to give your medical marijuana grower direct feedback about their work! By asking questions of our growers, we can have a deeper relationship with the people who serve our needs fosters a stronger community for all of us.
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