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Marijuana: The Tide Has Turned… Now What?

The tipping point seems to have been reached for medical marijuana legalization, now it’s just a matter of time. Even if you’re against it you’ve gotta just roll with it at this point. But have we considered all the consequences? Increased usage especially.

This article presents some thoughtful points about legalization and how we may have to deal with increases in cases of addiction as well as teaching people to be responsible. This is a good opportunity for us to set good examples. It sounds like a downer but the end of the article offers some optimism:

To be sure, there is a silver lining in marijuana legalization. It will undoubtedly demonstrate that we need to put a better system in place for helping the millions of Americans who have a substance abuse disorder, but are not getting the treatment they need. We have a real opportunity now to create the education initiatives and programs that will enable a much bigger community
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