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Small Mining Companies Looking For Big Profits In Medical Marijuana

Jordan Chittley for writes:
Supreme Pharmaceuticals is in the process of purchasing a company in B.C. that is working on getting a licence to sell medical marijuana and Satori announced they have hired an advisor for the agri-mining and agri-pharmaceutical sectors. Boyle laughs when I call him a weed expert. Scott Walters isn’t an expert is smoking or rolling it. He’s a Bay Street veteran with more than 20 years of experience. In 2001, he started a hedge fund.
Nitin Mehra of Canadian Alternative Health agrees with the College of Family Physicians saying, “I would argue they are putting them (doctors) in a difficult position” because the doctors now need to recommend dosage and take on more responsibility. Some users fear this will make doctors less likely to write prescriptions, but Mehra disagrees. Doctors he talks to are just racing to learn because this isn’t something they are taught in medical school. “The onus is now on the patient to inform the doctor.” So prices will probably go up and rise because the government is trying to standards to the industry so they can keep quality high and consistent. The government argues that changing policy is because people growing it at home risk mould, fire, toxic chemicals and security issues and this is a problem they’re trying to address. The facilities the licensed providers have to build aren’t cheap. If you grow it at home or buy it from small producers can buy it for about $1 per gram. When buying from licensed producers that goes up to $6-10 per gram and rightly some people are pretty upset, but with the number of prescriptions expected to jump 600% in 10 years there’s lot of money to be made.
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