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Study: Legalizing Marijuana May Reduce Crime

Matt Ferner for writes:
“After controlling for a host of known factors related to changes in crime rates — we accounted for factors such as poverty, employment, education, even per capita beer sales, among other things — we found no evidence of increases in any of these crimes for states after legalizing marijuana for medical use,” Morris said. “In fact, for some forms of violence — homicide and assault — we found partial support for declines after the passing of this legislation.” Data for the study came from state websites, FBI Uniform Crime Reports, the census, The Bureau of Labor Statistics, The Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Beer Institute.
I like how they reference this other study in the journal of Addictive Behaviors noted that “alcohol is clearly the drug with the most evidence to support a direct intoxication-violence relationship,” and that “cannabis reduces likelihood of violence during intoxication.” The National Academy of Sciences found that in chronic marijuana users, THC — the active ingredient in pot — actually causes a decrease in “aggressive and violent behavior.”
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