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Vaporization Study: a Safe and Effective Mode of THC Delivery

The study puts smoke to the test and recommends avoiding joints and bongs due to the bad toxins from smoking pot:
Because of the health risks associated with smoking, smoked cannabis should generally not be recommended for long-term medical use.
But thankfully, for those of us with medical conditions and find great relief from medical marijuana, vaporizing offers even more THC delivery with none of the harmful toxins found in smoke:
Cannabis vaporization is a technology for deliveringinhaled tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and other cannabinoidswhile reducing toxic byproducts of smoked cannabis primarilycaused by combustion. 2,3 By heating cannabis to a tempera-ture between 180 and 2001C, it is possible to vaporize thecannabinoids that reside on the trichomes on the surface ofcannabis flowers and leaves, while avoiding combustion(which occurs at 2301C and above) and attendant smoketoxins.
This study from a few years back was conducted by San Francisco General Hospital, so we tend to trust the results and findinds of the research. Specifically, they were studying the Volcano vaporizer, but this info applies to just about any vape these days.
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